Our other dictionaries

Our other dictionaries are not released yet. The text below is thus preliminary.

We have two types of dictionaries: online dictionaries and integrated (offline, local) dictionaries. The former types may be used for dictionary lookup via the internet, and the latter type work integrated with other programs, or in dedicated/traditional dictionary applications, and offline, on your local computer.

These dictionaries are all in the making. They are primarily made as terminology lists and input to machine translation, and hence not ordinary dictionaries. We still hope they may be useful. Feedback is welcome.The dictionaries are the following:

  • risten.no (made by Sámediggi):
    • Sámediggi terms (selected terminology in North, Lule and South Sámi, as well as in Finnish, Norwegian and Swedish)
    • Mechanical terms (terms specific to mechanical work, in North, Lule and South Sámi, as well as in English, Finnish, Norwegian and Swedish)
  • North Sámi - Norwegian Bokmål
  • North Sámi - Lule Sámi
  • Kvensk - Swedish
  • Meänkieli - Swedish
  • Greenlandic - English
  • Komi - Finnish, English


The North Sámi - Bokmål dictionary has three sources: Nils Jernslettens Álgosátnegirji, the term base risten.no, and the Sámi lexicon here at Giellatekno.

The Nord Sámi - Lule Sámi dictionary is the result of conversion work here at Giellatekno.

The Kven dictonary is made by Terje Aronsen, with the help of other employees at the Kven Institute.

The Meänkieli dictionary is Erling Wandes dictionary, further developed by the Meänkieli dictionary project, run by Erling Wande, Birgitta Kvist, Märta Nylund and Trond Trosterud.

The Greeenlandic-English dictionary is Schultz-Lorentzen's dictionary from 1927, it is distributed by Grønlands Sprognævn (Oqaasileriffik).

The Komi dictionaries were made by Jack Rueter.