North Saami language tools

Text analysis
Analyse, disambiguate and hyphenate text, and give dependency analysis. Convert text into IPA.

Paradigm generation
Generates paradigms of different sizes for any word.

Word generation

Number word generation
There is still no numeral generator for

Words and place names


Korp - text corpus
Search for words and grammatical patterns in text collections (does not work in Internet Explorer).

Divvun spellchecker

Saami keyboard

Oahpa! language learning programs
Interactive programs for glossary and vocabulary training, and for practicing dialogues.

Language course

The computer reads the text to you.

Interactive programs for training grammar skills.

Machine Translation from North Saami to Norwegian
Paste text or translate web pages.

Machine Translation between different Saami languages
Paste text or translate web pages. These programs are still on a beta stadium.