Inari Saami language tools

The Inari Saami analyser gives the morphological analysis of over 92 % of the words in running text, and gives a rough syntactic analysis of sentences.

Text analysis
Analyse, disambiguate and hyphenate text.

Paradigm generation
Generates paradigms of different sizes for adjectives, nouns and verbs.

Word generation

Number word generation
Write a number (ex. 123), and get a number word.

Words and place names

Korp - text corpus
Search for words and grammatical patterns in text collections (does not work in Internet Explorer).

Saami keyboard

Oahpa! language learning programs
Interactive programs for glossary training, and for practicing number date and time expressions. The program is still just a demo version.

Machine Translation between different Saami languages
Paste text or translate web pages. These programs are still on a beta stadium.