Pite Saami language tools

The Pite Saami analyser and generator currently work for most of the nouns and verbs found in the lexical database for Pite Saami (saami.uni-freiburg.de/psdp/pite-lex), which is regularly corrected, expanded and improved. This database is based on the Pitesamisk ordbok samt stavningsregler (Samica 2, 2016, edited by J. Wilbur), but also includes a few other words added by Ann-Charlotte Sjaggo. The orthography used is based on the orthography presented at saami.uni-freiburg.de/psdp/stavningsregler/. This is still a preliminary, test version, and is under on-going development.

Text analysis
Analyse text.

Paradigm generation
Generates paradigms of different sizes for the core vocabulary.

Word generation

Words and place names

Saami keyboard

The Pite Saami tools are available here for testing purposes, and without any guarantee for accuracy. These are currently under development by Joshua Wilbur (with significant technical support from Giellatekno) as part of a project on Pite Saami syntactic structures at the Freiburg Research Group in Saami Studies. Thanks to Ann-Charlotte Sjaggo and Trond Trosterud for setting up the initial framework.