Workshop in Constraint Grammar Applications

in conjunction with NoDaLiDa 2011, Riga, Latvia, May 11th 2011

The workshop "Constraint Grammar Applications"

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The last years have seen extensions of CG usage along several lines: CG has been successfully put to use in machine translation for several language pairs, and it has been used for grammar checking and dialogue systems. The development of constraint grammar compilers also call for a meeting now. This year’s topic will be Constraint Grammar applications. The framework is mature, and has as the only grammar-based parser framework been put into use in a wide range of applications. The goal of the workshop will be to share experiences from this work, and develop it further. The target audience is both established CG grammarians and newcomers with a need for the possibilities for robust grammatical analysis provided by the framework.

The purpose of the workshop is to provide a forum for researchers in the area, and to identify cooperation possibilities within and beyond the Constraint Grammar camp. A further goal of the workshop is to make the work within one of the most successful parsing frameworks more visible to the community as a whole.

The workshop will consist of two parts.

  1. a tutorial on CG rule writing, including a discussion on technological potential and perspectives
  2. a main section with ordinary talks (click Submission to see how to submit your paper)

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