Workshop in connection with the 2013 NoDaLiDa conference in Oslo:

Constraint Grammar Laboratory

  • Date: 22nd May 2013, 9:00 - 17:00
  • Place: Seminar room 12, P.A.Munchs hus, ground floor, Oslo University
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  • The workshop is free of charge, but also without any lunch or coffee included
  • Organizers: Eckhard Bick (SDU), Tino Didriksen (GS), Kristin Hagen (UiO), Trond Trosterud (UiT)

Over the last decade Constraint Grammar (CG) has matured into an established formalism for the robust handling of not only parsing and corpus annotation per se, but also applicational tasks such as computer-aided language learning, lexicography, spell- and grammar checking and, not least, machine translation. Grammars can now be found for at least 20 languages, and methodologically, the formalism has responded to these challenges by integrating various new elements into its rule syntax, such as regular expressions, numerical expressions, named relations, positional token-manipulation, variable unification, arbitrary window spans etc.

While earlier NoDaLiDa CG workshops have focused on scholarly contributions and publishable papers, intended hands-on instruction for interested participants has not been realised due to time constraints during lecture-filled workshop days. This is why this time we would like to offer a dedicated, paper-free tuition workshop on how to write CG rules. After a short introduction to general rule-writing, participants will learn how to exploit special features for individual needs, how to embark on a new CG with minimal resources and how to add additional, task-tailored modules to existing black-box CGs.

We invite participants who have a general interest in CG, either newcomers or existing users who would like to learn more about how to use various CG features for solving specific annotation tasks. The session will assume little or no prior knowledge of CG rule writing, but follow a steep progression curve, which is why participants will be asked about their level of CG knowledge when registering for the workshop.

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