Greenlandic language tools

This is one of the home pages of the Greenlandic parser project. Use this page if you want to analyse Greenlandic text, convert the Kleinschmidt orthography to modern orthography (known bug: û is not converted correctly, otherwise the converter should work), look at a translitteration of text, or if you just would like to read about the parser. The other homepage of this project is at Oqaasileriffik, where you will find a search interface for (unanalysed) text, and a very nice interface for word analysis and paradigm generation.

The infrastructure, language independent components and methodology behind the Greenlandic parser is the same as the one behind the Saami parsers documented elsewhere on these pages. Whatever language-independent information given on the Saami parsers should thus also hold for Greenlandic.

A new version of the Greenlandic spell checker and hyphenation tools for the Windows version of the MSOffice suite (KUKKUNIIAAT ver. 2.0) is now ready for download. It is free of charge and can be downloaded here.

Text analysis
Analyse, disambiguate and hyphenate text. The program also gives IPA representation, and it converts from Kleinschmidt (pre-1973) to modern orthography.

Paradigm generation
Generates paradigms of different sizes for any word.

Word generation

The project is a joint project between Grønlands Sprognævn (Oqaasileriffik) and the University of Tromsø.