Welcome to Giellatekno, the Research group for Saami language technology

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Giellatekno combines cutting-edge linguistic and computational research into the analysis of Saami and other morphologically-rich languages, with the development of practical applications. We focus on deep linguistic modeling and on highly efficient and robust computational analysis with a wide empirical coverage.

These applications form the basis of our support of the Saami communities with current language tools. In 2012, we were, together with the the Divvun-group awarded with the Gollegiella prize recognizing this work. Our practical goal is to support the teaching, learning and use of the Saami languages and to make current language technology accessible.

We also extend our activities to other under-resourced languages, particularly Circumpolar and Uralic languages. Our analyses and tools are designed to make it easier for other minority language societies to develop the language technology constituting a prerequisite for a language to survive in modern society. Read more about it here: Indigenous language technology