Workshop for grammar model building in the Giella infrastructure

The workshop has participants working with (at least) Faroese, Kven, Mansi and Mari.


The days will consist of common lectures before lunch, and individual or group-wise work on the different languages and issues in the afternoon. Not all participants will need to participate in all lectures, for these we will arrange parallel sessions.

Monday morning will start with a common intro session where participants introduce themselves and we identifiy intrests, needs and possible computer issues.

Possible afternoon topics will vary from language to language:

Specific issues in morphophpnology (twolc), morphology (lexc), syntax (cg), testing, spellchecker development, lexicography.

Common lecture topics:

  • Infrastructure: The giella file structure and how it works
  • Basic Unix command line course: How to get around in the file structure + central commands
  • Writing finite state transducers
  • Writing constraint grammar rules
  • Testing


We start at 0900, at A3019 (other rooms: A3018, A3012, E2004, A1018)


  • Morning 1:
    • Intro + Machines +
    • infra tree structure (Trond)
  • Morning 2: Unix I: navigation + basic commands ()
  • Morning 3: FST
  • Evening: Hands-on


  • Morning 1: Unix II:
  • Morning 2: FST
  • Morning 3: CG
  • Evening: Hands-on


  • Morning: Let us see
  • Evening: Hands-on


  • Morning: Summary, repetition
  • Evening: Planning forward

Overview, languages


Language code stems affixes (lines) yaml tests fails cg rules focus
Faroese fao 91000 2700 10955 359 293 fst, proofing
Kven fkv 41000 2500 8467 547 1585 fst, dialect split
Mansi mns 10000 13800 1922 848 0 fst
Mari mhr 55000 1200 6612 6 51 cg


  • Faroese: John Mikkelsen (programmer + linux, BA fao, svn ok)
  • Kven: Anna-Kaisa Räisänen, Aili Eriksen, Mari Keränen, Sindre Trosterud (mac, svn ok)
  • Mansi: Csilla Horvath, Veronika Vincze, Agaston Nagy (mac, svn ok)
  • Mari: Jeremy Bradley, Sasha Simonenko (mac, svn ok)
  • Russian: Uliana Petrunina, Svetlana Sokolova (mac, svn ok)