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På norsk Suomeksi По-русски Sámegillii

You must download dictionary program and dictionary content separately.

The dictionary program ColorDict (or GoldenDict)

In your Android phone, install the program ColorDict from the net, via your ordinary App installer.

The dictionary content

  1. Download the dictionary you want
    1. North Sámi - Norwegian Bokmål dictionary (version 1.4)
    2. South Sámi - Norwegian Bokmål dictionary (version 1.2)
    3. Kven - Norwegian Bokmål - Kven dictionary (version 1.0)
    4. Komi-Finnish/English-Komi dictionary
  2. You now need to be able to move the downloaded file from downloads to dictfiles.
    1. On new Android phones you have a tool for that (e.g. Samsungs My files / Omat tiedostot)
    2. On old (5 years?) phones you may not have this tool. In that case, install e.g. the program Astro File Manager to your Android phone, and open it.
  3. Move the dictionary file to the correct location:
    1. open the .zip dictionary file file you have downloaded (in the downloads folder)
    2. move the resulting folder to the dictdata (on some phones: dicts) folder
  4. You are done: Open ColorDict, and the dictionary is available to you.


For Saami keyboards, see