Programs for analysing Lule Saami

Write or paste the words in the window, and press the "Send form" button. The options "Analyze" gives all possible analyses, whereas the (default) option "Disambiguate" gives only the analyses appropriate for the given sentence. The program may also hyphenate the text for you, or add syllable boundaries, in which case it will not give a grammatical analysis. Choose "Hyphenate".

You may use the ordinary Lule Saami characters, the (official) ŋ, or older ń, ñ, and the program understands both äö and æø.

Type the word forms:

Give all word forms
Dependency structure

The Lule Saami analysis program contains close to 20000 base forms (from Spiiks grammar, Nystø/Johnsens textbook Sámásta, and above all from Kintels and also Korhonens dictionaries), but much work still remains to be done. If you find errors or omissions, please report back to us in the Saami language technology team.

Morphological tags

Dependency tags