Programs for analysing North Saami

Write or paste the words in the window, and press the "Send form" button. The options "Analyze" gives all possible analyses, whereas the (default) option "Disambiguate" gives only the analyses appropriate for the given sentence. The program may also hyphenate the text for you, or add syllable boundaries, in which case it will not give a grammatical analysis. Choose "Hyphenate".

Write The Saami special letters as usual. If you don't have a Saami keyboard, you may write "á, č, đ, ŋ, š, ŧ, ž" as a1, c1, d1, n1, s1, t1, z1.

Type the word forms:

Give all word forms
Disambiguate        [Bokmål Norwegian word translationNo translation]

Dependency structure

The program is not finished. If you notice errouneous forms or analyses, please contact Giellatekno.

Morphological tags

Grammatical tags

Dependency tags