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North Saami programs

Text analysis
Analyse, disambiguate and hyphenate text, and give dependency analysis. Convert text into IPA.

Paradigm generation
Generates paradigms of different sizes for any word.

Word generation
Generates wordforms using lemma and grammatical tags.

Number word generation
Write numbers (23, 10:15 or 25.2. etc), and the program generates the corresponding number word, time or date expression.

Interactive online dictionary, with morphology and corpus search.

Web dictionary
Look up words in an online web dictionary.

Downloadable electronic dictionary


Korp - text corpus
Search for words and grammatical patterns in text collections.

GEO - Generate placenames

The terminological database Risten

Divvun spellchecker

Saami keyboard

Oahpa! language learning programs
Interactive programs for glossary and vocabulary training, and for practicing dialogues.

Language course

Interactive programs for training grammar skills.

Machine Translation
Test our preliminary programs.