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Programs for analysing Greenlandic

Write or paste the words in the window, and press the "Send form" button. Note that the analyser still contains a handful of verbs.

You may also transcribe Greenlandic text (of the current orthography) to an IPA transcription, enriched with syllable boundaries (marked with period) and tone marks, according to the presentation in Stig Bjørnums grammar (ulti- mately in Kleinschmidts grammar). Choose "Transcribe". Finally, you may convert words from the (pre-1973) Kleinschmidt orthography to the present orthography. The conversion tool recognises the letter kra, i.e. "ĸ" (Unicode U+0138), but since some users may not have spport for it, the conversion tool will translate non-initially written capital K as if it was kra. Choose "Convert".

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Dependency structure

Prográmma ii leat vel gárvvis. Jos fuomášat meattáhusaid dahje boasttuanalysaid, de sáhtát čállit dieđu Sámi giellateknologiija guovddážii.

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