Greenlandic kal

Everything related to our Greenlandic parsers

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Component Default Assignee
Hyphenation Trond Trosterud
Hyphenation rules
Infra Sjur Nørstebø Moshagen
Anything related to the build infra for Greenlandic
Lexicon Trond Trosterud
Lexical coverage
Morphology Trond Trosterud
Derivation and inflection.
Morphophonology Trond Trosterud
Greenlandic morphophonology, bugs related to the xfst rule file
Orthography Trond Trosterud
The rule component converting Kleinschmidt orthography to modern orthography.
Transcription Trond Trosterud
The rule component creating IPA representation of written input.
Web interface Trond testar
The web interface (CGI scripts etc) related to Greenlandic.