Both our corpus files and the ims corpus interface.

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Component Default Assignee
alignment with tca2 Børre Gaup
Bugs related to the tca2 aligner
Corpus analysis Børre Gaup
Issues related to the regular corpus analysis and processing on the xserve
Corpus web interface Chiara Argese
Things related to the interface for the searchable, tagged corpus.
Correct! corpus Lene Antonsen
gt/sme/corp/correct/*, our hand- tagged files.
Documentation Børre Gaup
Documentation for how to use the corpus repository.
Korp content Lene Antonsen
Issues related to content aspects of Korp.
Korp infrastructure Chiara Argese
Issues related to the setup and technical aspects of Korp
Speller Goldstandard Børre Gaup
Any issue related to the goldstandard corpora used for speller testing
Text corpus infrastructure Børre Gaup
Things related to the file structure in the corpus directories
xml conversion Børre Gaup
Issues related to the conversion process from original to xml form, especially