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19 bugs found.
ID Product Comp Assignee Status Resolution Summary Changed
2685 Dictiona NDS chiara.argese NEW --- smenob: Statisk paradigme for 'mii' blir ikke presentert 2020-10-01
1801 Dictiona NDS chiara.argese NEW --- Kan man få reader til å fungere på iPad, evt andre nettbrett? 2017-10-12
2443 Dictiona NDS chiara.argese NEW --- NDS and available directly in MS Office, including online and on pads 2018-05-30
2535 Dictiona NDS chiara.argese NEW --- Make enter do a search when a word is selected 2018-12-11
2684 Dictiona NDS chiara.argese NEW --- It is hard to get back from Korp to NDS 2020-09-18
1677 Dictiona NDS ryan.txanson NEW --- Ability to read searchable pdf on net. 2016-10-11
1811 Dictiona NDS ryan.txanson NEW --- Net dictionary pages must have content and feature feedback support for end users 2018-05-07
1860 Dictiona NDS ryan.txanson NEW --- NDS or a version of it should be enhanced for use in e-books. 2016-10-11
2310 Dictiona NDS ryan.txanson NEW --- is not accessible, nothing happens after entering password 2016-12-28
2625 Dictiona NDS trond.trosterud NEW --- Konverter Kintels ordbok til NDS-xml 2019-10-29
1724 Dictiona NDS ryan.txanson ASSI --- Presentasjon av oversettelser bør frekvenssorteres på tvers av PoS 2016-01-23
2190 Dictiona NDS ryan.txanson ASSI --- The Javascripts are not the same for all nds click-in-text readers; and only some projects work in firefox and google chrome browsers. 2016-10-11
1769 Dictiona NDS ryan.txanson ASSI --- Lage app for bokmerke til NDS 2017-10-04
2139 Dictiona NDS ryan.txanson ASSI --- Click-in-text does not work 2016-01-13
1972 Dictiona NDS ryan.txanson ASSI --- The analysis of пон brings out mwe 2016-10-12
1981 Dictiona NDS ryan.txanson ASSI --- antall forslagsord i nobsme 2015-03-09
2070 Dictiona NDS ryan.txanson ASSI --- make failed for sma, but fab kept going 2015-07-12
2072 Dictiona NDS ryan.txanson ASSI --- search for lemma _vähän_ in fin-->sme gave en error 2016-10-11
2230 Dictiona NDS ryan.txanson ASSI --- gtweb vro xfst analyzes but NDS does not 2016-10-19
19 bugs found.


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