ICALL (Intelligent Computer-Assisted Language Learning): Research and development

We make language learning tools based on analysers. We want the computer to help the student to learn words, morphology and grammar. By adjusting the analysers, we can give useful feedback to the student's output. The dictionary can help the student with the morpohology and is also linked to texts in corpora.


Language learning: Oahpa projects

Grammar learning: Konteaksta

Obsolete project: VISL

  • The VISL programs are made to teach grammatical concepts, and for people who already know North Saami. The VISL group at the University of Southern Denmark (SDU) has done the program development and programming, and the University of Tromsø has provided the North Saami content.

Dictionary for language learners

Technical documentation on creation and maintenance of the ICALL platforms

Workshops, meetings