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Welcome to the Iñupiaq parser project


This is the home page of the Iñupiaq parser project. The project is still in its embryonic phase. You will be able to analyse a handful of words only, but we will enlarge the base eventually.

A note on Iñupiaq fonts

In this project we render the Iñupiaq letters according to their Unicode values, and no special Iñupiaq fonts are needed to read them. Install the browser to UTF-8, and you should be able to see ġ, ḷ, ñ, ŋ. The letter ł̣ gets a special treatment, though: Since many applications shows it with the dot below one position to the right, we show the letter in question with the character ľ.

The project is a joint project between Grønlands Sprognævn (Oqaasileriffik) and the University of Tromsø.

The project is, or rather, will be, documented here.

The infrastructure, language independent components and methodology behind the Iñupiaq parser is the same as the one behind the Sámi parsers documented elsewhere on these pages. Whatever language-independent information given on the Saami parsers should thus also hold for Iñupiaq.

Interactive programs

Analyzing Iñupiaq text Generating Iñupiaq paradigms Generating Iñupiaq words

by Per Langgård, Trond Trosterud