Morphological Tags

This is an overview over the morphological tags used at the Giellatekno projects.

Tag Explanation Comment
+A Adjective -
+ABBR Abbreviation -
+ACR Acronym -
+Acc Accusative
+Actio Actio -
+Adp Adposition -
+Adv Adverb -
+Ani Animate Semantic tag
+Attr Attribute -
+AttrCmp Attribute compound -
+Body Body-related Semantic tag
+Build Building Semantic tag
+CC Conjunction -
+CLB Clause boundary -
+CS Subjunction -
+Card Cardinal -
+Clth Cloth Semantic tag
+Coll Collective -
+Com Comitative -
+Comp Comparative -
+ConNeg Negative form of the verb -
+ConNegII Negative form of the verb -
+Cond Conditional Mood
+Dem Demonstrative -
+Der Derivation -
+Du Dual -
+Du1 First person dual -
+Du2 Second person dual -
+Du3 Third person dual -
+Edu Education Semantic tag
+Ess Essive- -
+Event Event Semantic tag
+Fem Feminine Semantic tag
+Food Food Semantic tag
+Gen Genitive -
+Ger Gerund -
+Group Group Semantic tag
+Guess Denotes guessed stem -
+Hum Human Semantic tag
+Hyph Hyphenation mark -
+IV Transitive verb -
+Ill Illative -
+Imprt Imperative -
+ImprtII Second imperative -
+InDef Indefinite declension Nouns, in Erzya, Moksha
+Ind Indicative -
+Indef Indefinite pronoun Pronouns
+Inf Infinitive -
+Interj Interjection -
+Interr Interrogative -
+LCmpnd+ Left compound part -
+LEFT Left parenthesis -
+Loc Locative -
+Mal Male Semantic tag
+Measr Measure Semantic tag
+Multi ?? -
+N Noun -
+Neg Negation verb -
+Nom Nominative -
+NomAg Nomen Actiones -
+Num Numeral -
+Obj Object Semantic tag
+Ord Ordinal -
+Org Organisation Semantic tag
+PUNCT Punctiation mark -
+Pcle Particle -
+Pers Personal pronoun -
+Pl Plural -
+Pl1 First person plural -
+Pl2 Second person plural -
+Pl3 Third person plural -
+Plant Plant Semantic tag
+Plc Place Semantic tag
+Po Place Semantic tag
+Pot Potential -
+Pr Preposition -
+PrfPrc Perfect participle -
+Pron Pronoun -
+Prop Proper noun -
+Prs Present tense -
+PrsPrc Present participle -
+Prt Past tense -
+PxCPlComRecipr ?? -
+PxDu1 First person dual possessive suffix -
+PxDu2 Second person dual possessive suffix -
+PxDu3 Third person dual possessive suffix -
+PxPl1 First person plural possessive suffix -
+PxPl2 Second person plural possessive suffix -
+PxPl3 Third person plural possessive suffix -
+PxSg1 First person singular possessive suffix -
+PxSg2 Second person singular possessive suffix -
+PxSg3 Third person singular possessive suffix -
+Qst Question particle -
+RCmpnd Right compound -
+RIGHT Right parenthesis -
+Recipr Reciprocal -
+Refl Reflecsive -
+Rel Relative -
+Route Route -
+SHyph Soft Hyphen -
+Sg Singular -
+Sg1 First person singular -
+Sg2 Second person singular -
+Sg3 Third person singular -
+South Southern form Dialectal
+Sup Supine -
+Superl Superlative -
+Sur Surname Semantic tag
+TV Transitive verb -
+Time Time Semantic tag
+Txt Text Semantic tag
+V Verb -
+VAbess Verbal abessive -
+VGen Verbal genitive -
+Veh Vehicle Semantic tag
+Wpn Weapon Semantic tag
+Wthr Weather Semantic tag