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Fst Names In Old And New Infra

FST's and other compiled files working in new infra

Name in old infra Name in new infra
clock-LANG.fst transcriptor-clock2text-desc.xfst
date-LANG.fst transcriptor-date2text-desc.xfst
dict-iLANG-norm.fst generator-dict-gt-norm.xfst
dict-LANG-norm.fst analyser-dict-gt-norm.xfst
hyphrules-LANG.fst hyphenation/hyphenation.xfst
iclock-LANG.fst transcriptor-text2clock-desc.xfst
idate-LANG.fst transcriptor-text2date-desc.xfst
iLANG.fst generator-gt-desc.xfst
iLANG-norm.fst generator-gt-norm.xfst
oahpa-iLANG-norm.fst generator-oahpa-gt-norm.xfst
phon-LANG.fst phonetics/text2ipa.xfst
LANG-dep.bin syntax/dependency.bin
LANG-dep.rle syntax/dependency.cg3
LANG-dis.bin syntax/disambiguation.bin
LANG-dis.rle syntax/disambiguation.cg3
LANG.fst src/generator-gt-desc.xfst
LANG-inum.fst transcriptor-text2numbers-desc.xfst
LANG-norm.fst analyser-gt-norm.xfst
LANG-num.fst transcriptor-numbers2text-desc.xfst
smi-syn.rle syntax/syntax.cg3

Paradigm data sources

Name in old infra Name in new infra
paradigm_full.LANG.txt ../test/data/paradigm_full.LANG.txt (temporary place)
paradigm_min.LANG.txt ../test/data/paradigm_min.LANG.txt (temporary place)
paradigm.LANG.txt ../test/data/paradigm.LANG.txt (temporary place)
paradigm_standard.LANG.txt ../test/data/paradigm_standard.LANG.txt (temporary place)
korpustags.LANG.txt ../test/data/korpustags.LANG.txt (temporary place)

Not yet in place

Name in old infra Name in new infra
abbr.txt (ikkje i ny infra enno)
corr.txt (ikkje i ny infra enno)
hyph-LANG.fst (ikkje i ny infra enno)
hyph-LANG.save (ikkje i ny infra enno)
iLANG-GG.restr.fst (ikkje i ny infra enno)
LANG-site.fst sme.fst u/sem (ikkje i ny infra enno)
typos.fst (ikkje i ny infra enno)
ped-LANG.fst input til s/v (ikkje i ny infra enno)
ped-tol-LANG.fst ???