Saami keyboards

Saami keyboards

The North Saami keyboard

For Cyrillic-based keyboards, see the Cyrillic Saami Keyboard page

Saami keyboard and letters come ready installed on Windows, Mac and Linux. For Android smartphones, you may install it, and on iPhone and Nokia there are solutions for some of the letters.


Activating the Saami keyboard in Windows (this explanation is a bit too specific to hold for all systems.

  1. The Start menu → Control panel → (Date, time, language...) → Settings for region and language
  2. In this window, press the pane Language, and the button Details
  3. Press Add and under the menu Input language choose North Saami (Norway).
  4. For Keyboard setting/IME, choose Sami, extended Norway. (NB! Do NOT choose "Norwegian with Sami", this is the wrong keyboard.)
  5. For the button Language box, tick for Show the language box on the desktop
  6. Press OK on all OK-buttons on your way out of the panel, and close the Control panel.

In order to change between Norwegian and Saami keyboard, keep the left Alt key down and press the Shift key at the same time. The indicator (a small blue square) down right on the taskbar changes between en (English keyboard) and sm (Saami keyboard).


  1. Via The Apple menu in the upper left corner choose System preferences and International (the UN flag in the first row).
  2. Choose the pane Input menu. We recommend that you choose Keyboard & Character Viewer
  3. Then scroll down until you find North Sami on the list, and mark it. There are two Saami keyboards, choose the one you like the best.
  4. At the bottom of the window, choose Show input menu in menu bar
  5. Note the Input menu shortcuts, they may be changed via the Keyboard shortcuts...

You may now change between your keyboards by pressing the keyboard shortcut (standard is ⌘Space), or by clicking the flag in the upper right corner (English/Sami)


Setup on Linux works in the same way as for Windows og Mac. Look for the Control panel.

Placement of the Saami keys on the keyboard

The Saami letters are found on the same position for all operative systems.

á on the q keyč on the x keyđ on the \ keyŋ on the ] key
š on the w keyŧ on the y keyž on the ` key

Saami keyboard on the mobile

Giellatekno and Divvun have made a keyboard layout «Samiske tastaturer» for use on Android and iPhone.

Note that this keyboard does not contain predictive writing.

Nokia and Windows

There is a North Saami keyboard preinstalled for Nokia Lumia and new Windows phones. It can be found under Settings.


There is no North Saami keyboard for Jolla.