Things related to the ways the machines behave around us.

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Component Default Assignee
App build systems Sjur Nørstebø Moshagen
Issues related to building web apps, desktop apps, mobile apps, etc.
Bugzilla Tomi Pieski
Problems with Bugzilla
Compilation Tomi Pieski
Compilation errors, Makefile errors
cvs Tomi Pieski
Problems related to the CVS and CVL programs, setup, etc. Børre Gaup
Issues related to the main project server
Documentation infrastructure Børre Gaup
Problems related to Forrest, and to how the documentation setup works. Børre Gaup
Issues related to the webserver
GLOSSA Ciprian Gerstenberger
The Oslo-based interface for online corpora.
Lexicon Tomi Pieski
Lexicon infrastructure, especially related to the new xml-based proper noun lexicon infra
Localisation Tomi Pieski
Errors related to settings files for UTF-8. When the error occurs, it might be hard knowing exactly where the error is, and problems related to localisation go here.
Migration to new servers Børre Gaup
This component is for bugs related to moving from victorio to gtsvn, gtweb, etc.
newinfra Sjur Nørstebø Moshagen
Issues related to the new infrastructure newinfra
REST/CGI (Interactive web) Ciprian Gerstenberger
Issues with the REST/CGI interfaces used for web services
shell Børre Gaup
Issues related to shell setup (bash, csh, Windows command line etc) should go here.
SubEthaEdit Sjur Nørstebø Moshagen
Problems and feature requests relating to our favourite collaborative editor, and its interaction with the rest of our software
svn Børre Gaup
Issues related to svn
victorio Børre Gaup
Issues related to setup and running of our linux server victorio